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I was referred to Meeks by the BAR.I was in a jam.I gave him $5000.00.I was not charged with DV ,I have never been arrested.My ex submitted 2 declarations.Very damning and a pack of lies.The declaration came from my father.Meeks pounded the document,I am not going to court with this!A friend of my ex-wife filed the other one.This was SHERMAN KOLTZ.I told Meeks not to worry that multiple witnesses will destroy their credibility.Situated in his office.He turned his head towards his staff and smiled at them shouting "I will not go into court with this.Still animated he looks at me,pounds the documents,and with a cross look,I am not going into court with this.He then repeats,animated gestures .This is how he treated me,he will treat you this way!He took $5000.00 from me and wanted another $8,ooo.oo.I had many declarations on my side which meeks never filed with the court.I had to figure out that we were going into court with the judges reading my ex-wifes declarations and not reading mine because meeks did not do his due diligence.Sherman koltz had made sexual advancements toward me and was rebuffed.I did not realize He was my enemy.My ex allowed Sherman Koltz to sleep with my son in his bed,studio apt.I told Sherman Koltz he could not sleep with my son,when I would be out of town on business he would have my son in his bed.Sherman Koltz denied this under oath.During trial my ex confirmed that indeed my young son shared Sherman Koltz bed.How would you like some aged creep sleeping in the same bed with your son.During trial my father was exposed for raising us in a meth house hold.I explained this to MR.MEEKS.He was not impressed.He had already assigned me a low IQ.My new lawyer went after these people,exposing them all the while saying,this is not complicated stuff,why would he have you voluntarily sign a restraining order.You have never been arrested for anything.This is not a restraining order case.Real lawyers never have the client sign a restraining order you meet your accusers in court!The judge mentioned that since this case was a (restraining order case)she ruled against me and I no credibility with the psychologists due to the restraining order!

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Nelson Meeks. The most disappointing about restraining order from Nelson Meeks was him as a professional Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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